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We offer our customers the service to cut arrow shafts and fletched arrow to length, if a length is specified with the order. To prevent any misunderstanding about what arrow or shaft length actually means, let’s talk about it:

Bare Shafts

When it comes to bare shafts (as in the actual carbon or aluminium tubes to built arrows with) it’s rather simple. The length to specify is just the required length from end to end of the raw material.

The final length of the arrow will of course be a bit longer when the point, nock and possibly bushing or pin insert are installed. Please have that in mind when ordering. We don’t know what components you will install and we can’t do the math for you. We will cut what you specify.

Fletched Arrows

There are generally two type of fletched arrows: Arrows where the points and/or point inserts are already installed, and those where the points or inserts come loose with the fletched arrows. We can’t cut the first type and therefore you will find a message saying so in our shop. But, we are happy to cut the second type for you.

The length you are going to specify in this case includes the nock. The arrow length is measured from the bottom of the nock slot to the end of the shaft. So your final arrow length will increase by the length of the point and possibly an insert (in the case of screw-in points)

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