Chest Guard

A chest guard is put on especially by Olympic recurve archers over that half of the chest which may also be in contact with the string. On the one hand, it protects against painful impacts of the string on the chest, on the other hand, it ensures that the string always has the same surface at the point of contact on the chest and thus cannot get caught on (different) surfaces of the clothing.

Side Fact: In radiological imaging, the constant contact of the string with the breast may cause liposome shifts, which in turn may possibly be misinterpreted by the attending physician. A chest guard can probably also prevent this by neutralizing the incisive contact of the string to a certain extent.

Cartel Chestguard Midas 201
Chestguard from Cartel.
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Easton Chestguard Diamond
Chestguard from Easton.
29,41 EUR
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ERA Chestguard for Men
Chestguard for Men from ERA
22,83 EUR
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