FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bogensportshop.eu is a young, dynamic ecommerce company based in Aachen, Germany. We celebrated the official launch of the online shop on December 1st, 2018. You can find our legal information on this page.

Founder and owner is Tilman Bremer. He is an archer since 1997 and has years of experience in the high-level competitive scene. The Team consists of a bunch of archery enthusiasts, all with years of experience. As Bogensportshop.eu is growing fast, we are constantly looking for motivated people to join us. You can find job postings on the team page, too.

Unfortunately, there is no store, at least for the moment. Online retail is so complex and requires specialization to such a dregree that we decided focus 100% on serving our customers online. Maybe you have noticed our online shop to be in one way or another better than the competition? Maybe it's easier to navigate, has better images or better product descriptions? If so, that is a direct result on our commitment to online retail. We certainly hope that it is, because we are working hard to make your shopping experience a little bit better, every day.

We are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 CET/CEST. Please note that those are not opening hours! Please see also "Is there a physical store?"

We want to support our customers in the best way possible, but we also need to make sure simple requests do not overload our capacity. Therfore, if you have any issue, please contact us via email. We try to be very responsive, even outside of regular business hours. It is just that we can actually help more people at the same time by email than by phone.

We are well aware that a hotline can be an important part of the customer service. Once we have built up the capacity for it, there will probably be one in the future, but there is currently no concrete date scheduled for this.


Product range and stock

The simple response is this one: If you can place an item into the cart, then the item or variation is available.

The more complicated one goes like this: We provide detailed information about stock levels and availabilities in our shop. All this is explained on this page. If you have an item with variations, please choose the properties from the dropdown menus. After you have selected an option in all available dropdown menus, the information and the respective icon will be displayed.

If you see a red icon together with the status "Not available", it means that the item is not in our stock and not in stock at any of our suppliers. This item cannot be shipped within a reasonable time frame, therefore you are not able to order it. Sometimes we can preorder the item for you, which will take a considerate amount of time. If you are interested in that, please use the button "Ask About Product".

Currently, we have a product range of over 2000 items from 150 brands. Even though, some customers are looking for special items that we do not list in our shop. Please send us a message if you are looking for something that you can find in our shop, but please make sure to check the next question "Why don't you have Brand XYZ?"

Even though we have a fairly large product range from hundreds of brands, we do not just sell every brand. Some customers might have noticed that we e.g. don't sell products from the popular US brand Hoyt. Hoyt changed their distribution strategy in Europe in 2018 with exclusive contracts and a system of "Authorized Dealers". These contracts do not align with our business model, which is why we decided to not list Hoyt products until further notice.

In November 2020, we parted with the Spanish brand Flex and will no longer have Flex products in our range after selling off the remaining stock.

We do not offer a "best price guarantee" or anything similar. So we will not try to compete on a price of a competitor. Here are the reasons:

We decided for a specific way to do business. We use cutting edge technology to provide a unique online shopping experience, we are extremely fast and we know archery. We are also very fast and reliable when it comes to returns and handling of warranty cases. All that is costly, but worth it to satisfy the high expectations of our customers.

The price in our shop reflects all those processes in the background and much more: How big or how heavy is a product, how often do we sell it, how often do we have returns? If we are cheaper than a competitor, the product fits our business better. If we are more expensive, it seems not to fit as well. In any case, the price is not changed just because someone asks us to. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, it's no issue for us if you buy it somewhere else. Hopefully we can convince you with our service and way of business for a future purchase!



We do not accept orders via email or phone. Doing so is prone to errors and increases support expenses a lot. So, we ask you to please only use our website to place your order. If we provide support via phone or email, we will possibly still ask you to order via our website, with some exceptions when items can't be ordered via our shop or some other special agreements have been made.

If you happen to notice that you forgot something in order, please just reply to the automatic order confirmation you have received from the shop and let us know. We will either ask you to submit a new order, or we will add the missing items to your existing order.



We ship almost all orders with DHL or German Post. Heavy or long items (> 120 cm) are shipped with alternative Services. We are working with more than one shipping company for these special items.

Find out more here: Shipping & payment conditions.

Only customers in Germany: In most cases, your order can be shipped to a Packstation. Please be advised that the maximum dimensions are 75 x 60 x 40 cm. Heavy or long items (> 120 cm, e.g. one piece bows 50" and above, target butts and blow guns 4 feet and above) will often not be shipped with DHL and therefore a Packstation delivery is impossible.

If you are unsure if your order can be shipped to a Packstation, make sure to contact us before placing the order. Or provide an alternative shipping address as a comment in the checkout process.

Yes, you can submit different addresses for the invoice and delivery. The invoice address is only used to print the PDF invoice, you will not receive any physical mail to that address.

If separate addresses are important to you (e.g. for company purchases or for clubs) please make sure to provide them on the "Shipping" and "Payment" page in the checkout.

We create labels for the parcel delivery services from the delivery address automatically. Therefore, additional data in the invoice address or in the "Notes" field are not suitable to provide your delivery address. If you create a customer account, you can store multiple addresses in your account and chose from them in the checkout.

DHL picks up packages from us daily. Orders with items in stock that are placed before 12:00 will be usually sent out on the same day. This is no guarantuee, if the order volume is unusually high, it might be delayed to the next day.

Orders with items that have a blue icon ("Available 2-5 Days") that are placed weekdays before 9:00 will be usually sent out on the next working day. In rare cases, a delay by another day can occur due to issues outside our control.

Pickups are unfortunately not possible. We have a tight schedule with deliveries and pick-ups every day, which does not allow us to take care for customers on site. The only exception are big, bulky items such as target butts. In those cases, we will schedule the pickup with the customers individually.

We specificaly ask our customers to not visit our warehouse unannounced, as it won't be possible for us to serve you if you do.

Yes, you will get an email with a tracking number and a URL to the parcel delivery service as soon as the order is picked and ready for dispatch. For orders with multiple packages, you will probably get more than one email. If you did not get an email, your order was either not yet shipped, or it is lost in your SPAM folder.

Ýou can always check the status of your order and get the tracking information in your customer account (not available for guest orders).

We do only ship orders with a service that includes insurance as well as the possibility to track the package. There are cheaper options without tracking or insurance, but we consider that a loose-loose for both the customer and us and we won't use these services without exception. Untracked services usually take way longer and we have no way to locate the package should it get delayed.

We currently ship to all 27 EU-countries + Iceland. We do not ship to any other country outside of these and we currently don't plan to include more countries.

Effective December 23rd, 2020, we are no longer shipping to the United Kingdom.
Some items that we sell are illegal in the Republic of Ireland. As we have no way to only prevent customers from Ireland from purchasing these individual products, shipment to Ireland is not possible at the moment.

The shipping costs are displayed in the cart and the checkout if you chose your country accordingly. You can also create an account so that your country is selected automatically once you have logged in.



Update 01/2021: Great news! With the dutch payment provider mollie, we are again able to offer credit card payments in 2021. This finally ends a period of over a year where we were not able to do so.

A delivery against invoice is not possible and there aren't any exceptions.

We offer PayPal as a payment method. PayPal asks for relatively high fees (3 % for small businesses, we still pay around 2 %). We are prohibited by the T&C of PayPal to forward this as a surcharge to the customers that choose PayPal, so we do it the other way around. Everybody that pays via bank transfer gets a 2 % discount.

You will receive all necessary information right after placing the order. Additionally, you will find the IBAN and BIC on the invoice you will receive by email within 24h. You can go ahead and pay the order before receiving the invoice, for that just use the order number as a reference.

This case happens quite ofter, therefore we get this question often, too. Be it because of a return or a canceled order, if you have a credit balance, it depends on the payment method:

  • PayPal, Mollie and other instant payment services: Returns and canceled orders are handled completely separate to new orders. So in case you return an item, you will receive a refund to the account with which you made the payment originally. You can submit another order independently from this.
  • Bank transfer: For payments via bank transfer, we can offset a credit against a new invoice. It would definitely be helpful if you could send us a short message if you are going to submit a new order. If so, we will let you know the credit so that you can subtract it from the new payment.
Find out more about the process of returns in the section "Returns & Warranty"




A comprehensive check of every pair of limbs and every bow is impossible for us, given the number of orders that are shipped out every week. There is, however, a visual check of every item we receive. For more expensive items, this check is done a bit more thoroughly. We do check all compound bows on a draw board to check e.g. cam timing. More detailed checks such as center position of a handle and limb set, tiller, draw weight etc. are not possible at the moment but might be available as additional services in the future.

Setting a nocking point is nothing we can do as a mail order retailer and needs to be done by the archer. We might offer some tuning services in the future.

We offer a limited selection of fletched arrows, but we do not offer custom built ones.


Returns & Warranty

If you want to return a product because e.g. you don't like it, if it doesn't fit or similar, you are acting on your consumers right of withdrawal. If you received an item that is broken, that doesn't work as expected or that is substantially different to the description, it is handled as a warranty case. This section only takes the first case into account. Please refer to the following questions to find out more about how we handle warranty cases.

If you would like to withdraw from the purchase, please fill out the online form and submit it. You can also download the form as a PDF, fill it out and send it to us. Both form can be found here: Right of Withdrawal / Model Withdrawal Form.

After sending us the filled out form, you have successfully exercised your right of withdrawal and you can send back the item. Please add a copy of the invoice or delivery slip to the package so that it can be assigned to your order.

If you filled out the PDF form, you can also included that to the shipment back to us.

Yes, you will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods. You are free to choose a shipping company and service. We strongly recommend a shipping service that includes insurance and tracking so that you are able to prove the return shipment if the package gets lost. If we don't receive the items, the return and therefore the withdrawal will not be processed.

We usually process returns within 24h after receiving the package. You will be notified via status updates from the shop about the process.

If the ordered product doesn't work as expected or is clearly damaged, it is usually handled as a warranty case. Please get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can try to find a solution with you. This usually works out like this:

  1. First we will try to find a solution from the distance. Best case scenario, it can be solved without the item being send in.
  2. If this fails, we need the item for inspection. We will send you a return label that you can print out at home.
  3. As soon as we receive the item, we will check if it is possible to repair it. If that is not possible, we will replace the item with a new one.
  4. If the repaired or new item is shipped to you, you will receive a new "shipped" notification, similar to the first one you got when ordering. You will get a tracking number, too.
  5. If neither repairing nor replacing the item is possible (e.g. if it is no longer available), we may have to refund your order to solve the issue.


No. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you will get a full refund via the same payment method the original order was paid by.


Further questions

If you could not find your problem or question here, please get in contact with us

You can use the contact form or you can send us a message via mail@bogensportshop.eu.