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We are among the youngest and probably among the most modern online stores for archery. Our team has been supplying clubs, associations, dealers and private customers with scoreboards for many different sports via our shop at since 2016. Recently, we expanded our range with more products for shooting sports and archery, and we are now growing this into it's own shop. From the start of the SICHTKRAFT Online Store we felt that we have a passion for Ecommerce. Ultra-fast and customer oriented communication, accurate stock and shipping information in the shop, detailed product descriptions, high quality images and video, this all is what we did for SICHTKRAFT and what we expect from a modern online business today. Naturally, we aim to provide you with all of that here, too.

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Strele Soft Case Longbow Native Amercian II Yellow
Native American style case for longbows and flatbows
RRP 98,80 EUR
Only 51,10 EUR
Carbon Express Shaft Nano .166 (12 Pcs.)
Carbon Target shaft from Carbon Express.
RRP 107,30 EUR
Only 81,85 EUR
6,82 EUR per Piece
Win&Win Grip RCX-100
RRP 25,15 EUR
Only 18,95 EUR
Fivics Handle Platina
RRP 794,40 EUR
Only 603,35 EUR
Win&Win Grip WINEX 2011
RRP 25,15 EUR
Only 18,95 EUR

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TruGlo Sight Light Universal/Xtreme

Sight Light by TruGlo

from 17,55 EUR
Fivics Stabilizer CEX 1900 Long
Stabilizer from Fivics
81,95 EUR
Fivics Arrow Shaft Five-X (12 Pcs.)
Carbon Arrow shaft from Fivics
307,15 EUR
25,60 EUR per Piece
Fivics Pin Nocks (12 Pcs.)

Pin Nocks by Fivics.

8,55 EUR
0,71 EUR per Piece
Fivics Weight VWT200
Stabilizer weight by Fivics.
9,45 EUR
Fivics Replacement Face Cordovan for Saker Plus Tab
Replacement face Cordovan leather for the Fivics Saker Plus Tab.
29,35 EUR
Fivics Replacement Backing for Saker Plus Tab
Replacement backing suede leather for the Fivics Saker Plus Tab
8,50 EUR
Fivics Grip for Fivics Vellator
Wooden grip from Fivics
29,70 EUR


Our online store is - quite obviously - all about archery. This sport is one of less popular ones but it has seen huge growths in recent decades. Archery with modern recurve bows at standardized distances, with aids such as stabilizers, aiming devices and the modern materials has been part of the Olympic Games since 1972.

In parallel, the even more advanced compound bow has been developed. This type of bow pushes the technical limits and the available materials and manufacturing techniques even further than the recurve bow. Effort has been made to include the compound bow as a discipline in the Olympic Games program, but that was not yet successful. Nevertheless, the worldwide distribution of the compound bow is high, especially for hunting purposes. That is why this style also takes up a large part of our shop.

In our modern world with more and more high-tech, many people are now drawn to more traditional styles of archery and there is a large variety, too. People shoot with modern bows without sights, which is usually called barebow archery. In addition, there are historically interested archers who shoot longbows or horse bows. There are traditional recurve bows or hunting recurve bows, which is usually understood as a compromise between the (historically) modern form of the recurve bow and traditional materials. For this kind of bow, wooden arrows are sometimes used or simple arrow rests made of leather or fur, of course without sights or other aids. But even in these bows, materials such as CNC-milled aluminum and carbon are popping up, which blurs the line between recurve bows for Olympic style competitions and traditional uses.

In addition to the sporting aspect, archery is often used for meditation and therapeutic purposes as a means of personal development.

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