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QAD Arrow Rest Ultra HDX
Compound Rest from QAD.
152,51 EUR
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Our online store is - quite obviously - all about archery. This sport is one of less popular ones but it has seen huge growths in recent decades. Archery with modern recurve bows at standardized distances, with aids such as stabilizers, aiming devices and the modern materials has been part of the Olympic Games since 1972.

In parallel, the even more advanced compound bow has been developed. This type of bow pushes the technical limits and the available materials and manufacturing techniques even further than the recurve bow. Effort has been made to include the compound bow as a discipline in the Olympic Games program, but that was not yet successful. Nevertheless, the worldwide distribution of the compound bow is high, especially for hunting purposes. That is why this style also takes up a large part of our shop.

In our modern world with more and more high-tech, many people are now drawn to more traditional styles of archery and there is a large variety, too. People shoot with modern bows without sights, which is usually called barebow archery. In addition, there are historically interested archers who shoot longbows or horse bows. There are traditional recurve bows or hunting recurve bows, which is usually understood as a compromise between the (historically) modern form of the recurve bow and traditional materials. For this kind of bow, wooden arrows are sometimes used or simple arrow rests made of leather or fur, of course without sights or other aids. But even in these bows, materials such as CNC-milled aluminum and carbon are popping up, which blurs the line between recurve bows for Olympic style competitions and traditional uses.

In addition to the sporting aspect, archery is often used for meditation and therapeutic purposes as a means of personal development.


Decut Arrow Rest Honor
Magnetic Arrow Rest by Decut.
Our regular price 16,41 EUR
Now only 11,49 EUR
Axcel Sunshade for AV-25, AV-31, AV-41 and AV-Hunter
Sunshade from Axcel.
Our regular price 38,78 EUR
Now only 33,12 EUR
Socx Comfort Wraps X10 Fluo (12 pcs.)
Fluor X10 wraps from Socx.
Our regular price 10,44 EUR
Now only 8,35 EUR
0,70 EUR per Piece
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