Fletched Arrows

To simplify and speed up the start into archery, some manufacturers offer "fletched arrows". In all cases, that means: Feathers or vanes are glued on and there is a nock installed. There is, however, a difference between fletched arrows that have the points already glued in and those that come with a separate pack of points. The latter can be cut to the desired length (we do that for you if you specify a length in the order comment) before the points are installed. The first group has a fixed length. It is still possible to adjust the length of fletched arrows with glued in points, but it is sometimes tricky and might even require a new pack of points. For example: Easton glues in the points of the Inspire arrows with superglue and there is almost no way to get them out.

For most fletched arrows, you cannot chose the color of the vanes or nocks. Sometimes the color scheme depends on the spine you choose or it might even be completely random. If you want to style your arrows the way you like them, then there is no way around building your own arrows. Luckily, it is not that difficult and you can find everything you need for that in our shop: Fletching Jigs, Adhesives, Nocks, Points, Vanes & Feathers and even Arrow Saws.

What you need to know before buying arrows in general:

It is important to clarify 3 things before purchasing. This is the case for fletched arrows or self-built arrows likewise:

1. What kind of material do you need?
2. What is your draw weight?
3. What is your draw length?

If you need help with these questions, check out our blog post: What kind of arrows do I need?

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