Finger- & Wristslings

A fingersling is eminent especially for archery techniques where the bow is not to be gripped. Because if you were to grip the bow tightly, you could still influence the flight of the arrow with a tiny movement at the moment of shooting, which is of course to be prevented.

Therefore, many archers can be beautifully observed how the bow falls completely into the sling after the shot and swings freely. (see for example Lee Eun Gyeong).

The finger sling is a string that you can buy or make yourself. Usually it is fastened around the thumb and the index finger and ensures that the bow does not fall down when shooting.

Alternatively, there are wristlings that are tied around the wrist and between the riser and the stabilizer. However, wristlings are more common for compound than for recurve archers.

AAE Fingersling
Fingersling from AAE Arizona.
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Sanlida Fingersling X10 Compound 12.5 cm

Fingersling from Sanlida

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