Stock Levels / Delivery Times

To make your shopping experience as satisfying as possible, we provide you with extensive information about stock levels and delivery times. The stock levels and icons are updated live with every order that is placed and every new order from a supplier that we receive. Additionally, the stock and availabilities from all our suppliers are included in our shop system, so that you always know if something is available, even if we don't have it in stock ourselves.

Here is a guide to explain the various delivery time icons. Please have in mind that the indicated delivery times are referring to the time in business days from the moment a customer places an order up to the delivery at the delivery address in Germany. For customers in other countries, additional time has to be considered. Please see our Shipping & payment conditions for more info.

Icon Delivery Time
1-3 Days (In Stock): The product is in stock and will be shipped immediately
3-6 Days (Available / Few Available): The product is in stock at a supplier, or it is already on it's way to our warehouse. In any case, your order will be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Please account for one or two additional days compared to if the item was in stock at our warehouse.
4-8 Days (Available / Few Available): The product is in stock at a supplier, or it is already on it's way to our warehouse, but the time until we can dispatch the item is longer than in the previous case. Either the dispatch at the supplier takes longer or the distance to the supplier is greater (e.g. it takes two days instead of one for us to receive the goods).
1-2 Weeks (Available): The product is available, but with some delay. This can be due to various reasons. It might be a product that will be individualized, the delivery time from the supplier is longer, or there is some other temporary delay causing deliveries to take more time.
ca. 4 Weeks (Available): The product is available, but with even more delay.
2-6 Months (Special Order): This can be found with special products, that will be ordered and/or manufactured specifically for you at the original supplier. The delivery time can vary greatly, as the given time frame already tells you. Please only order these items if you really can wait up to 6 months!
Not Available: The product is out of stock and is not available through any supplier.

 If you order several items from us with different delivery times, the delivery time of the item with the longest delivery time is the delivery time of the entire order. Generally, we do not split shipments, we ship as ordered.