Stock Levels / Delivery Times

To make your shopping experience as satisfying as possible, we provide you with extensive information about stock levels and delivery times. Here is some explanation:

  In Stock (1-3 Days): The product is in stock and will be shipped immediately


  Available (2-5 Days): The product is available in sufficient quantity at the distributor or manufacturer, or it is already on it's way to our store. In any case, your order will be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Please account for one or two additional days compared to the first status.


  Available, Low Stock (2-5 Days): The product is available at the distributor or manufacturer, although with low stock. This doesn't impact the delivery time, which is the same as with the status above.


  Available (1-2 Weeks): The product is available, but with some delay. This can be due to various reasons. It might be a product that will be individualized, the delivery time from the distributor / manufacturer is longer, or there is some other temporary delay causing deliveries to take more time.


  Custom Order (10-12 Weeks): This can be found with special products, that will be ordered specifically for our customer. The delivery time can vary greatly, the given time frame is really just an orientation. We always try to get the products as fast as possible to our customers and will send frequent updates about the delivery status.


  Out of Stock: The product is out of stock and is not available through the manufacturer or distributor.


Please note: On our website, you will find not only information taken from our stock, but from the distributor and manufacturers, too. The information is updated constantly and automatically. But the system is not fault-free. It is possible, that an item is listed as "available" but is in fact sold out, or at least not available in the required amount. Errors like these happen around once per 200 orders, so our system is correct 99.5 % of the time. We are constantly working on improving that number, to improve the shopping experience of our customers.